Creative Anachronism and Salty Sea Dogs

The past two weekends have been amazing. Last Sunday, my husband and I met up with one of my college pals for a day of medieval frivolity at the New York Renaissance Faire. Donning my flowing skirts and last year’s big ren faire purchase of a blue and purple striped underbust corset, I headed back in time to the Renaissance that never was and always will be. The faire served our favorite brand of hard cider, so it’s already good news upon our first pub stop. The weather was perfect, and the food delectable! Sterling Forest, NY is a bit of a dead zone for cell service, so my phone’s battery ran out of juice quickly, thus barring me from more evidence of our hearty feast. But trust me, it was awesome. Steak on a Stake, fish and chips, a platter of “boar,” chocolate-covered bacon…I’m pretty sure none of these, in fact, existed during the Renaissance…Europe hadn’t quite mastered deep-frying yet, but I digress.

IMG_1488 IMG_1490 IMG_1495 IMG_1514

I realize now, as an adult, that most events or attractions are really just paying an entrance fee to go in and pay more money. As I child, you didn’t notice it as much, since it was Mom and Dad paying. Sci-fi conventions, Renaissance Faires, tourist hot spots…Pay to get in, and then buy stuff! But lemme tell ya, I love it!

I noticed this same thing on Friday while we were visiting Provincetown, MA. ย All I wanted to do was constantly buy fudge and eat it. We were on Cape Cod this weekend visiting an old family friend: clinical psychologist by day, badass fishing boat captain by night. My father frequents the Cape to partake in crazy awesome deep sea fishing adventures which sometimes end with a seafood bounty, sometimes end with a fishing lure stuck in the forehead. This weekend’s excursion saw a respectable haul of bluefish, some of which was turned into a delightful ceviche. Saturday was spent on the boat and the beach, including one ill-advised, but totally worth-it dip in the ocean by yours truly. ย It was heavenly.








Catching up with old friends, soaking up sun and indulging in culinary delights were the themes these past two weekends. I hope it doesn’t stop here!


Beauty and Love

Two of my best friends got married this weekend. It was perfection. The weather was gorgeous, the wine was flowing, the mason jars were personalized and the company was spectacular.

Photograph by Sylvie Rosokoff

It’s beautiful to see so much love: amongst family, amongst friends, between soul mates. And it’s beautiful to see the myriad of ways in which we as humans express love (not to mention the handful of doggies that made appearances over the weekend). I watched not only two people create a more perfect union, but several families. It was phenomenal the communal bond this group already had before the vows were even exchanged.

This was also the fourth wedding I have attended this year, and it’s most certainly not the last! Although 2013 has been a real monster for my health and career, it’s been a joyous year for love.