In Sickness OR in Health

So the rollercoaster keeps on…rolling, I guess. I arrived in NY on Wednesday, and I really miss my husband and our cat ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ve read that newlyweds often find that they “need their space” and that it can be a hard transition when starting to live with someone every single day. Screw that. I don’t like being away from him. That being said, I’m so happy to be back up North. Sure it’s plenty humid up here, but it’s not 96ยฐ! It’s nice to be back in my old neighborhood again, doing the same old same old I did in high school. My parents’ dog even found one of my old beanie babies today and completely eviscerated it. It was awesome.

Not so awesome was the dip the rollercoaster took today when I saw my endocrinologist. Unlike my Florida endocrinologist, my New York endocrinologist explained to me that there’s still a small chance that I might not actually have cancer…yet. You see, they won’t know for sure, until they’ve removed my thyroid and dissected it.


“Good news, everyone! I only might have cancer!”

So this is definitely…news. It doesn’t change the fact that I need to have my thyroid removed so honestly, it’s not that comforting. I’ve never been a fan of highly invasive surgeries that leave me with a drainage tube of any kind.

But on a good note, I went to a candlelight yoga and meditation class this evening. It was, as one would imagine, quite meditative. And I went to the dog park with one of my best friends. So all in all, it was a good day.


One comment

  1. Sean Hallerud · July 1, 2013

    That thyroid got to go, gurl. She’s been mouthin’ off all month like she owns the place.

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