The Boob Doctor

So I had an appointment with a breast specialist today, since I didn’t have enough stuff going on, and I need to have a breast lump added into the mix. This is not a new discovery, it’s actually been lurking there since 2009, but two mammograms and several ultrasounds have yielded benign results.

But today, my new (soon to be old since we’re moving to NY) doctor recommended a needle biopsy, breast MRI and mammogram, and that we follow “those guys” closely. Apparently, the cysts in my breasts are male. So that’s fun.

She also recommended I get a PET scan, because I have what appear to be swollen lymph nodes on the back of my neck, on the same side as my cancer friend. And if thereย is something amiss in my breast, it will probably show up on the PET scan as well. Goody! Two-for-one special! Oy vey…


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